Sponsor an Angel

“I wish I could help them all.”

Have you felt that way looking at our pet list? Perhaps there is a pet that has touched your heart, but who, for some reason, you can not adopt at this time. You are not alone. Many people view our pets but are not ready to adopt, either due to allergies, housing restrictions, or another pet that would not accept a new housemate. The good news is that most of our pets will eventually find their “forever home”. But “eventually” make take a long time. And what about the pets left behind – those equally deserving companions who for some reason did not find the “perfect match”?

Many of our cats are with us a long time before being adopted. They may be past the kitten stage, a little bit shy, or have medical problems that cause people to pass them by. All are deserving of love and TLC. We try to give them the best lives we can for as long as we have them, if that is a month, a year, or a lifetime. By sponsoring one or more cats from our adoption pages, you can help make a difference in their lives. Your monthly contribution will help provide veterinary care, medications, treatments and/or surgeries, and an occasional treat or two.