Adopting From Snowflake

Snowflake Animal Rescue does not conduct same-day adoptions.

We encourage anyone interested in adopting from Snowflake to submit a completed online application.  Once your application is processed and tentatively approved, including reference checks, we will arrange a time for a personal interview.  While we process your application you can see the pets we have available by clicking on the Available Pets links.

Applications submitted at the Adoption Center or Adoptathons will be processed within 5 business days. Companion animals will be released the same day from our adoptathons only if you have a previously processed and approved application. For further information regarding adoptions call  (919) 990-2478, or email us at We look forward to connecting you with a loving companion that matches your unique lifestyle.

Our adoption fees are $95 for a cat or kitten or $160 for two. The adoption fee is payable as cash or a personal check. We are unable to process credit card or debit transactions.  The fee includes deworming, initial vaccinations, and spaying or neutering of your new pet.  Cats are tested for Feline Leukemia and FIV.

Adopting a Friend

We do our best to ensure a good match between our pets and their new homes. Therefore, we ask you to fill out an application, interview you and ask many questions about your home environment, your family and your current pets. Please understand that we are not trying to be  ‘nosy’, just trying to help you find a pet that will fit well with your expectations and your lifestyle. We care very much about our little friends, and we know how traumatic it can be for them to go to a new home and then to be returned. We try very hard to make the ‘right’  match the first time around.