We are always in need of volunteers able to provide foster home space for our animals. We provide access to veterinary care and can supply or reimburse you for food or other pet needs.

If you have a spare room or other separate indoor space, consider fostering a Snowflake cat. This Spring and Summer, we will have a special need for homes for pregnant or nursing cats. Consider this an opportunity to experience the miracle of birth without guilt (because we know you spay and neuter all your own pets, right?), and with the knowledge that all the kittens will find good homes. If this interests you, and you have a quiet, separate, easily cleanable space (a spare bathroom is ideal!),  and can give at least a two month commitment until the kittens are weaned and ready to leave mom, please let us know! The ‘Kitten Season’ generally starts in March and lasts thru September (sometimes later!). If you are able to provide a temporary home for one of our moms, or perhaps for a few orphans without a mom to care for them, we will appreciate it, and it can be an experience you will very much enjoy and hopefully want to repeat.

We are also looking for foster homes for cats who need a little more one on one attention than our larger foster homes can provide. If you have the time and patience to work with a shy animal who needs a little help with his or her social skills, or maybe an older animal who needs a little more peace and quiet than the main shelter homes can provide, it would be much appreciated. We also have a number of cats that just want to be an ‘only’ and do not do well in our multi-cat environment. A little more privacy and a little less stress would benefit them greatly and give them a chance to show their best and be more readily adoptable.

If you have the will to help, and can spare a little space, we can help you fill both your heart and home! Just email us at and let’s see what we can do together.

If you think this might be for you, check out this helpful article on Pet Fostering.

For more information on the Snowflake Foster program (what we expect from our fosters and how we help them succeed), please read our Foster Home Agreement.