Our Wish List


We have a continual need for Volunteers to help us out, foster homes for cats and kittens, and donations to help us pay the never-ending vet bills. Sometimes we have special projects that we need to fund, the equipment we need to purchase, or an unusual medical expense for one of our animals. Our ‘general expenses’ are always high, so finding the money for ‘something extra’ can be difficult. Your help is always appreciated.

Right now we are trying to purchase a set of cages for one of our adult foster homes to safely house new cats and those who do not adjust well to the open foster home environment. This cage bank has removable center dividers so that each level can be configured for one or two separate cages as needed. And of course, it can be easily cleaned (always important!) We have part of the money and are seeking to raise the rest in order to make the purchase. If you would like to make a contribution to this special purchase, it would be most welcome.

However, we understand that you might want to help us in a more direct, “I saw exactly where my money went” kind of way, (or you just like to shop!) and we are very happy if you wish to do that. Listed below are specific items we can use and would appreciate very much! If you bring them to us at one of our adoptathons (see our adoptathon schedule) we will be glad to thank you in person. Or call us at 919-990-2478 and we will be glad to tell you where they can be dropped off.

If you leave your name and address with the donation, we will send you a very appreciative Thank You! note. (Remember, we are a 501(c)3 charity and your donations are tax-deductible!)

Other Info
IAM’S Kitten, Adult, Adult Less Active Cat food Iams Dry Cat FoodAlthough we will accept any type cat food for our feral cat program, we try to keep our foster cats and kittens on a consistent diet. Iams has proven to be very digestible and a ‘crowd pleaser.’
Purina One for Sensitive Systems Cat FoodOur FIV cats find this easy to digest and keeps them in good health.’
IAM’S Adult Cat or Little Friskies Kitten food (canned)Our kitties voted, and told us they prefer the Chicken or Turkey flavors, although some of the smaller kittens said the Little Friskies Mixed Grill was a nice change of pace.
LitterNon scented clumping litter preferred. (Kittens who are learning to use the litter box can be confused by perfume!)
Kitten milk replacement for our orphansKMR , Just Born, Nurturall, either canned or powder. We always try to have some on hand for emergencies (which always happen after pet stores are closed.)
Humane trapsA big help for the kitties hiding in the bushes who do not know there is a better life waiting for them! The Tomahawk Live Trap Model 606 or similar is a good choice!
Cat beds‘Doughnut’ style or with a removable cover that can be washed. Avoid exposed foam rubber – it quickly becomes shredded in a kitty foster home!
Advantage or Revolution flea treatment, any size, cat or dogThese are gentle enough for kittens and very effective but a ‘luxury’ item when we have vet and food bills to pay. Our animals would greatly appreciate it!
Kitty igloos or cubesThese are a big help for the kitty new to the group who just needs a place to hide away for awhile…
Stainless steel bowlsThese are easy to disinfect and keep water fresher. We can use any size and the no tip variety is a special favorite.
Stamps, long envelopesSounds small, but gets expensive when sending out newsletters or Thank You notes. (Let us know if you want to be added to our mailing list!)
Nolvasan solutionThis is a really good veterinary disinfectant so we can help keep illnesses from spreading to healthy animals.
Paper towels, paper plates, Kitchen size garbage bags (.8-.95ml)Never ending: feed them, clean up after them…
Scratching postsWe want to train your future kitty to use a scratching post rather than your furniture. A kitty favorite is the Cosmic Catnip Alpine Scratcher!
Towels, small blanketsSecurity” blankets are always welcome. Something soft to cuddle in, hide under.
Litter scoopsThe large, heavy-duty type! When you have lots of cats using a litter box, the clumps become cement!
Kitty toysFavorites: little furry mice, anything on a string and a stick that some nice human could wiggle for them!