Snowflake Private Rescuer Application

Private Rescue

We regret that our limited resources prevent us from taking in all animals who are in need of rescues and/or new homes due to changing family situations. Snowflake is willing to list independently rescued pets on our website in an effort to help you find a prospective adopter.

For help finding a home for your own pet, please click here. Please contact us for all animals originally adopted from Snowflake. If you are having a behavioral problem that, if corrected, might allow you to keep your pet, please check out the information sections on our links page.

To list a private rescue on our website, please fill out the form below and send it to us along with a digital picture of your rescue. Your pictures (up to 3 per listing) can be sent as email attachments to If you find anything confusing or you wish more information, please email us.

This listing is provided by us at no charge. We request that you let us know when you have been successful so that we will know when the listing should be removed. Best wishes for finding a suitable adopter.

Please make your descriptions informative but concise. Due to space restrictions, we may need to edit your submission for length or clarity.

    Pet's name:

    Age (accurate or estimated month and year of birth if possible):

    Description (Primary/secondary breed for dogs, color, and hair length for cats)

    Sex: MaleFemale

    Spayed or neutered: YesNo

    Vaccinations current: YesNo

    Personality Information

    Is this pet active, or more of a snooze-on-the-couch type? Does s/he like to play? Does s/he do any tricks or have any special personality quirks? You want to give potential adopters a clear, honest sense of this pet and his/her personality so that people can start to imagine how this animal might fit into their families. Does the animal need to be adopted with other animals from your household? Does s/he get along well with cats? With dogs? With children? Does this pet need obedience training or housebreaking/litterbox training?

    Rescue Circumstances

    Please give us some information on how this pet came to you. Where was s/he found, how long has the animal been in your care? Any special circumstances a potential adopter might be interested in?

    Special Needs

    Does the pet have any medical conditions that potential owners should know about (FIV, feline leukemia, heartworm, blindness, deafness, or other conditions)? If a cat, is s/he declawed and has s/he been an indoor cat or an indoor/outdoor cat up until now?

    Please provide a name, phone number and email address. Your name and email address are required so that we can acknowledge receipt of your listing and communicate with you. We will not accept listings without a valid email address or a digital picture. The more contact information you can provide, the easier it will be for people who are interested in the pet to reach you. We will gladly list contact information for more than one person or multiple phone numbers/emails if it would be helpful to you.

    Your Name

    City, State and Zipcode

    Telephone number where you can be reached (include area code)

    Email address

    Special contact information:

    The best "advertisement" your pet can have is a good picture! Listings without digital pictures will not be accepted. We will not add your listing to our web pages until we have received the animal's picture. Many photo stores can convert a photo to a digital image, and many libraries provide access to scanners. Your pictures (up to 3 per listing) can be sent as email attachments (jpeg preferred) to

    Please identify your relationship to this pet:
    I am the owner of this animal or am acting with the knowledge and permission of the owner.I have rescued or found this animal as a stray and am fostering it privately.

    I certify that I am the legal owner of this animal or am acting as an agent of the owner with his/her full knowledge or have found this pet as a stray and am fostering it until a permanent home can be found. I further agree that Snowflake Animal Rescue may post all of the information provided in this form and any photos provided of this animal until I notify them of my wish for this information to be removed (removal will be as timely as possible). I understand that there is no fee for this service, that Snowflake Animal Rescue will not provide any services in addition to the website listing, and that Snowflake Animal Rescue will not be held responsible for any problems related to the placement of this animal.