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    AllergiesMovingNew babyNew roommatesNew petBehavioral problemsMedical problemsBitingScratchingNot using litterboxToo time consumingMarital status changesSheddingChewingChildren lose interestNone of the aboveOther:  

    24. Well-cared for companion animals may live in excess of 15 years. Do your lifestyle, career and family plans allow you to make this kind of commitment? YesNo

    25. If your companion should develop special needs in the future, what level of care and attention is your household comfortable taking on? *(Required)

    Daily pillingDaily eyedropsSpecial dietlitterbox problemsShynessHeart problemsDiabetes or other complex medical careNone

    26. Your new pet will cost a minimum of $200 per year for veterinary care, food and expenses. This does not include the cost of any possible injuries or emergencies.

    Who will assume financial responsibility for this animal?

    Your companion may develop minor to major health problems throughout his/her life. What is a comfortable annual dollar amount for your household to spend on Vet bills?
    $200$500$1000Whatever it takes

    Note: Pet Health care insurance can be an option to make vet bills more predictable and affordable.

    27. How did you find out about Snowflake Animal Rescue?

    Classified adNewspaper articleFriend or relativeVeterinarianSnowflake websiteOther websiteFacebook or other social media

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