Meet Mr. Snowflake

Hi! My name is Mr. Snowflake and I would like to introduce you to some of my friends. I was once a homeless kitty myself. I moped around in a foster home for the longest time, waiting to be discovered. People saw how handsome I was and enjoyed my great sloppy kisses, but could not see past my age ( a mere 10!) and this pesky heart condition (cardiomyopathy). 

But FINALLY, my nice foster mom saw how tired I was of waiting for someone to realize that the heart condition I really had was just so much love to give and no one to give it all to. So she took me home and gave me lots of cuddles (and this really cool hat!). We had some great times together and everyone loved me until it was my time to cross the Rainbow Bridge. But because I was an experienced shelter kitty (and I still had so much love left to give), I got Special Permission to be the Guardian Angel of all the animals waiting for Special Someones at our rescue (now named after me!). So please visit our Pet Listings and meet my friends. Visit our foster homes, take our kitties home and give them lots of love. (But get them a different hat, this one was an exclusive, just for me!)